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Joe Steven is an American Composer for Film, Television, Commercials and Video Games

From iconic films and television to captivating and influential feature projects, Joe Steven is a next-gen film composer and record producer known for his expressive melodies and impactful scores that extend creative boundaries in the music and entertainment industry. 


Joe’s lush symphonic orchestrations, ethereal arrangements, and sound design exemplify his powerful compositional storytelling and bring human emotion and nuance to the world of cinema and commercial media.


Evoking passion into narratives, Joe Steven masterfully delivers a distinctive tone and resonance to his projects that transverses artistic mediums and styles in feature films, documentaries, animation, episodic television, TV movies, and video games.


Throughout his career, Joe has worked with world-class musicians, including award-winning violinist Esther Abrami, Hollywood cellist Michelle Packman, No. 1 iTunes classical chart artist Alexandra Whittingham, Grammy-nominated saxophonist Justin Klunk, and renowned drummer Zak St. John.


In 2021, Joe released his first original score, "Starman: Mission to Mars," which has been streamed in over 65 countries worldwide and was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London. The album was inspired by SpaceX and NASA's interplanetary mission to Mars. Joe was recognized and featured as the honorary composer at the SpaceX Gala Exhibition on May 4, 2021. Joe Steven is currently working on new projects and serves as a voting member for The Recording Academy® - Texas Chapter.


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Image of Starman Mission to Mars poster
Illustration of Mars planet.


With Earth on the verge of extinction, Starman (NASA test pilot) becomes the first astronaut to pilot Starship Atlas-1, the world’s last advanced spaceship, and embark on an interplanetary mission to explore and discover the lost city of Mars.



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