Joe Steven Releases New Single "Starlight" Featuring Esther Abrami

A Space Ballad Featuring Award-Winning Violinist Esther Abrami

5/15/2020 • Reading Time: 1min

Violinist performing onboard Starship spaceship

Joe Steven has announced the release of his latest single “Starlight.” The Texas-native recording artist and music composer began writing original music by age 12 and now has music streaming in over 50 countries worldwide.

Starlight,” the second movement of the Starship Mission to Mars trilogy, is now streaming on all major streaming services including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.

On his new single “Starlight,” Joe Steven features Esther Abrami, an award-winning concert violinist. For this piece, Joe composed, arranged and recorded the parts for a symphony orchestra. “Starlight is an inspiring, yet emotionally-driven ballad that evokes the feelings of leaving earth and traveling across space with the hopes of reaching Mars,” says Joe.

Esther Abrami, an award-winning French violinist, has performed in world-renowned venues such as Carnegie Hall in New-York and delivers a beautiful performance on the new single.

Image of Esther Abrami wearing red dress

“Esther is an amazing violinist and world-class musician. Her performances are magical, majestic and speak directly to the heart and soul."

Esther has featured on both TV and Radio shows including Sky News, BBC Radio 3 where she performed the premiere of Chanson d’été by Paul Ibbotson and Classic FM who regularly invite her to perform. With over 300,000 followers, Esther’s extensive and ever-growing following via social media has proved invaluable to thousands of children and teenagers across the globe with little or no access to classical music. To learn more about Esther, visit EstherAbrami.com

“Starlight” was recorded and mixed at Sunset Studios and was mastered by Steve Fallone, GRAMMY® Mastering Engineer at Sterling Sound in New Jersey.


About Joe Steven

Joe Steven began writing original songs from a young age and later launched his recording label and studio after graduating from university with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Joe is now a recording artist and composer in the Music and Film/TV industry. Throughout his successful career, Joe’s music has been streamed in over 50 countries and has collaborated with some of the entertainment industry’s most prominent musicians such as Esther Abrami, Michelle Packman, Alexandra Whittingham, Cristina Suey, and GRAMMY® mastering engineers Randy Merrill, Tom Coyne, and Simon Gibson from Abbey Road Studios in London.


For more information about Joe Steven, please visit JoeSteven.com

Image of Earth in space

"Starlight" by Joe Steven

Featuring Esther Abrami


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