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Texas High School Student Performs Original Song with Symphony Orchestra

Artist and Composer Joe Steven Debuts "Signs of Life" at High School 2008 Talent Show

8/25/2019 • Reading Time: 2min

In his junior year of high school, Joe Steven, a 17-year-old musician and self-taught pianist, delivered a historical performance during the annual talent show at Economedes High School in Edinburg, TX. Joe performed an original instrumental “Signs of Life” accompanied by a full symphony orchestra.

“The idea was to introduce something new that hadn’t been done before in my school’s history. Once all the instrument parts where finished, I then went to ask my friends from band and orchestra if they would be interested in performing this song with me. I was so excited when they all graciously accepted. Now looking back, to perform a piece of music I had written with my closest friends from high school was such a memorable and special moment.” Joe remembers.

By meticulously writing each instrumental arrangement and conducting dress rehearsals, Joe Steven became the first student in Economedes High School’s history to stage an original symphonic performance. “From the string ensemble to the brass, woodwind, and percussion, I orchestrated Signs of Life so each section would add its unique color and character to the song. The day before the show, we held a final rehearsal at the school’s orchestra room, where we went over the song with the symphony as I led them by conducting it.

Joe Steven with high school friends

"I will always be grateful for all the support that my friends gave me by being part of this special once-in-a-lifetime performance."

- Joe Steven

On the day of the performance, as the group was running through its soundcheck rehearsal at the school’s gym – many students, along with the talent show performers started to gather around to watch them rehearse. “I remember looking away from my sheet music and seeing everyone around us. That’s when I knew that we were about to do something special,” said Joe.

Joe’s performance was suddenly moved to last due to the size of the group. As the talent show was beginning to come to an end, anticipation grew as students were about to experience a special performance. “As we were setting up the microphones, drum set, and the guitar, I started to become a little nervous. But then I took a moment to remind myself of all the hard work, effort and how I knew that I was meant to do this,” Joe said.”

Joe Steven performed on a Casio LK-90TV (his first keyboard) while conducting the orchestra. After the performance ended, many students went up to congratulate Joe on his performance. “To see the impact this performance had on people left me both humbled and honored. I will always be grateful for all the support that my friends gave me by being part of this special once-in-a-lifetime performance.”

About Joe Steven

Joe Steven began writing original songs from a young age and later launched his recording label and studio after graduating from university with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Joe is now a recording artist and composer in the Music and Film/TV industry. Throughout his successful career, Joe’s music has been streamed in over 50 countries and has collaborated with some of the entertainment industry’s most prominent musicians such as Esther Abrami, Michelle Packman, Alexandra Whittingham, Cristina Suey, and GRAMMY® mastering engineers Randy Merrill, Tom Coyne, and Simon Gibson from Abbey Road Studios in London.


For more information about Joe Steven, please visit

Image of Joe Steven wearing black suit

"Relentless Love"

By Joe Steven


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