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4/19/2021 • Reading Time: 3min

5 Reasons Why the World Needs Music Now More than Ever

Recording artist and composer, Joe Steven, touches on the significance of music and mental health in our everyday lives. 

By Niki Giovanis

Photo of Joe Steven wearing flight jacket

Music has embodied a profoundly progressive impact on the culture as a whole and people's individual experiences throughout history. The power to entice emotion through melodies, the influence to spread awareness through lyrics, and the ability to unite people from all segments of society are only some of the reasons why we need music and why it has and will always remain valuable across generations.


To say this last year has been challenging would be an understatement. From global lockdowns, economic downturn, isolation, and the impending uncertainty of the future, the year 2020 was nothing like we had expected. However, if there is one thing, I know for sure it's that music has provided a sense of solace and hope for people during these unprecedented times.

Photo of Joe Steven with acoustic guitar

5 Reasons Why We Need Music

With this in mind, here are five reasons why we need music throughout all phases of our lives.


1. Music & Mental Health Are One 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a decline in our mental health collectively. And according to the Harvard Medical School, music and mental health are connected. Numerous studies indicate that listening or creating music can help improve our mental health, including reducing stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety through melodies, harmonies, and tempo.


“I didn’t think anyone was prepared for what the last couple of months would do to their physical health and mental health,” said Joe Steven. However, working on his latest album Starman: Mission to Mars, "helped keep me balanced through all the uncertainty and made me rise to the challenge of the idea of composing something epic and timeless.”


2. Music Unites Us as a Collective

Being in a crowd amongst thousands of people listening to your favorite music is an indescribable feeling and challenging to beat. Regardless of who you are and where you're from, music unites us as a community and on a global scale. In many ways, music is a universal language that transcends time - allowing you to focus and enjoy the present moment.


“It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of it all. But with music, people can come together, look past their differences, and silence whatever worries may be troubling them,” said Joe.

Photo of Joe Steven playing acoustic guitar

3. Music Is a Creative Outlet


Another reason why we need music is that it serves as a creative outlet for many people. With music, individuals are able to express who they are and provide insight into their world. This is why for many artists, music helps provide them with a platform to convey who they are on a personal level and can spread awareness to broader social and cultural ideas that need to be heard.

“I want to tell a compelling story through my compositions that evoke powerful emotions in other people."
– Joe Steven

4. Music Motivates Us

Whether alone in our own little world or amongst others, music has long motivated us in many ways throughout our day. Whether it's completing a workout, starting your day on a high note by dancing in your room to your favorite playlist or staying focused on the long drive home from work, music is always there to help drive our bodies to complete tasks that may seem daunting at the moment.


"Music has always been my driving force since I was younger. I was always motivated to do better and accomplish my goals when I was listening to music – whatever genre of music you listen to, I believe the effect is the same," explained Joe.

5. Music Helps Us Process Emotions

There is no denying that music is intensely emotional. And it is because of this that people are able to experience and process their thoughts and feelings through music. “In many ways, music embodies the words we are unable to speak ourselves. It holds the ability to express emotions and detail experiences or people across the globe," said Joe Steven.


Whether joyful or sad, a simple melody or lyric can help us process emotions that we may not have otherwise been able to in a healthy manner, which is why music is a safe and beautiful place for us all.

About Joe Steven

Joe Steven is a recording artist and music composer for film, television, commercials, and media. Inspired by the 80’s and 90’s Pop, Rock, and Hollywood film music, Joe began writing original songs at the age of 12 and launched a record label and studio company after graduating from the university. Joe’s new soundtrack album, “Starman: Mission to Mars,” is now streaming worldwide.

Illustration of Joe Steven wearing astronaut suit on Mars planet

"Starman: Mission to Mars"

An Original Score by Joe Steven


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