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12/17/2021 • Reading Time: 3min

Joe Steven Releases New Heartfelt Single,
"I'll Never Stop Loving You."

Recording Artist and Composer Joe Steven releases new cinematic pop love ballad.

By Niki Giovanis


© 2021 Joe Steven. All Rights Reserved.

Los Angeles, CA – December 17, 2021 – "I'll Never Stop Loving You" is a delicate yet powerful love ballad that demonstrates the versatile talent Joe Steven possesses as a recording artist and composer. The single features the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra which cinematically deepens the timeless lyrics throughout the song's entirety. "I'll Never Stop Loving You" will leave the listener believing in the boundless opportunities that become possible when you love another individual with your entire soul.


When asked what the motivation behind the single was, Joe said he wished to bring people on a journey into his deepest thoughts. "The single showcases a very vulnerable side of me that I'm trying to bring to light. The lyrics behind "I'll Never Stop Loving You" are very personal to me. I want the listener to feel as though I am singing directly to them through the lyrics and share the type of love I have experienced in my life so far.”

"I'll Never Stop Loving You” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and all music streaming services. To listen to the single, visit

About Joe Steven

Joe Steven is a recording artist, music composer, songwriter, producer for film, TV, and commercial media. As a self-taught pianist by the age of eight, Joe quickly became a passionate explorer of music, soon adding guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, trumpet, and percussion to his musical expertise. While growing up, Joe was heavily influenced by 80’s and 90’s pop and rock music, along with classical and Hollywood film music.


Throughout his musical journey, Joe Steven has collaborated with world-class musicians, including award-winning London concert violinist Esther Abrami, Spain cellist Cristina Suey, Los Angeles drummer Zak St. John, pianist Giuliano Poles, along with recording engineers David Payne, Charlie Vela, and GRAMMY® award-winning mastering engineers Randy Merrill, the late Tom Coyne, and Simon Gibson from Abbey Roads Studios in London.


"I'll Never Stop Loving You"

Music & Lyrics by Joe Steven


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